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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wanna Be Miler?

Advanced training for age group milers who want to go fast (even sub 5!) for the mile

Break the

Go sub-5 and stun your age-group!

Announcing a unique opportunity for
Masters athletes to crack the 5-minute mile.

Be a part of Olympic coach Bobby McGee’s
new Magic Miling program designed to take a select group of committed runners under the 5-minute “barrier” by Pearl Street Mile time in August next year.

We’re starting with baseline assessments this month. The program is focused on going Sub-5 over-50, but all ages are welcome. It will also work if you want to go sub-6!

We also have a distance (email) version (contact us for details)
Contact: Marci at 303 946 3087; Pearl Street Mile is August 16:


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