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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Running Triathlon

Anxious before an important race?

Answer to an athlete before a PR attempt in a half marathon who is expressing some anxiety.

You are in great shape. All we need to do is to get you to race with feel for the day, the course & your fitness. You can aim at a specific time (& will), but key is getting the best out of yourself on whatever the day brings. Not heeding conditions brings a Paula Radcliffe Olympics, what we want is a Deena Drossin Olympics - i.e. clever racing. Experience is a funny thing - either one absorbs it & uses it effectively in ensuing events, or one is tense & oblivious to the lessons that are available in every run & race & tends to make the same mistakes over & over again.

Allow the wisdom of years of training & hours of racing to come from within you & guide you. The great difference between knowledge & knowing is that in the former you work to gain it & must figure out how to apply it. In the latter you have it within (you feel it) & know completely that you (will) do the right thing when the time comes - i.e. the 3 Trusts:

1. Trust of Guidance, Mentor or Coach
2. Trust of your Training
3. Trust of Self

Allow the race to unfold from you. Let go of any need to frantically reach for performance, rather commit to being fully present & ensure that all that you have available is brought to bear on race day.

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