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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Running Triathlon

Running Triathlon

Running in the Cold

Frigid air temperatures, especially when the air is dry, pose a problem for runners, especially when running hard.

When running causes the breathing rate to increase, the cold dry air passes through the throat into the bronchial passages too quickly for the mucus membranes to humidify & warm the inspired air. This causes the mucus membrane to dry out, crack & possibly bleed. This in turn causes the airways to become exposed to upper respiratory tract infections—the bane of the endurance athlete.

Some guidelines:
1. When temperatures are below 20 it is suggested that you do all hard running indoors.
2. When running outdoors keep the effort low & try to breathe through a layer of warming material
3. Keep extremities like ears, fingers & toes warm.
4. Keep neck & chest warm with wind proof material
5. Men make sure that the genitals are protected
6. Don’t run alone—stay near shelter
7. Avoid very long runs where fatigue can lead to a reduction of kinetic energy/body heat
8. Avoid repetition training—the rest periods expose the body too much as temperature drops while the athlete rests

Runners will maintain fitness better indoors. Run in extreme cold only for fun & not necessarily for fitness.

Bobby McGee


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