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Monday, January 09, 2006

Running Triathlon

Running Triathlon

Awakening to Running’s Spirit

Next time you take an easy run in which training for a particular goal is not uppermost in your mind; try to become aware of the source of the enjoyment you feel. Don’t try to give meaning or a title to the sensation. Don’t even try to determine which senses are picking up this “joy”. Contemplate the essence of the movement—in time you will become aware of the lack of desire to define this feeling. Rather you will become aware that this beautiful “thing” is formless, nameless, vast & tiny, all at the same time. Become aware that this is something that is akin to what all moving beings are experiencing—the flight of a hawk, the prancing of a dog along a fence when you arrive home, the lifting of a cow’s head as you drive by, the wake of a snake as it crosses a pond, the incredible oneness of a flock of tiny birds wheeling & gamboling in a bleak winter sky. If ever the purpose of a run was to “arrive” at some destination surely it must be when our movement is not only similar to all joyous movement, but one & the same movement!

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