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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Welcome to Bobby McGee's world of Endurance


I am Bobby McGee & I have been coaching endurance athletes on every level since 1978. I have coached or been involved closely with 9 Olympians since the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. I love working with beginner runners & triathletes as well as high level professional athletes. I have a Masters degrees in sport psychology, exercise physiology & perceptual motor studies. I worked closely with Josiah Thugwane in his 4-year build-up to a gold medal in the marathon at the Atlanta Games in 1996. I coached Colleen DeReuck to 2 world road running bests & 3 Olympic Games. I currently coach the #1 Us female steeple chaser Carrie Messner. I worked with Barb Lindquist as her running coach for the 3.5 years leading up to the Athens Olympics. I have been working with USA triathlon up to an Olympic level as their running consultant & coach educator since 2002. I currently specialize in running form, advanced scheduling & training programs & the motivational aspects of distance running & triathlon on all levels. I have worked with world class age group race walkers for many years as well.

The initial purpose of my blog is to disseminate & discuss trends, breakthroughs & ideas that will help beginners, professionals & everybody inbetween to access greater levels of performance & enjoyment in running, triathlon & race walking.


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